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POP INTERVIEW: Brian Cuban Talks To Katie Couric About Being A Man With An Eating Disorder

With his appearance on a national US TV show, he will no longer be the "brother of..." someone or the guy who was picked on in school. Cuban will be a role model to other men who have the same problems right now. His book is one of the rare reads where you really relate to the person no matter what walk of life you come from.

VIDEO: Wendy Williams On Her First Big Break

Media site TVNewser has a great video series that features TV personalities talking about their first big break. This week's edition features one of my favorites - Wendy Williams. Listen as she describes the sacrifices she made and how a job on an island led to NYC stardom.

Ashley Judd Says Steroids Caused Puffy Face

Ashley Judd had the rumor mill running overtime when she appeared on a Canadian talk show with a newly puffy face... sparking chatter about plastic surgery and facial fillers.Now Judd,is saying it's not the knife, or the syringe that caused the bloated look... it's steroid medication.

Anne Hathaway Raps At The Paparazzi. And It’s Good!

Usually, when anyone other than a rap star says they're going to rap, you have to squint your eyes and grit your teeth through the experience as the awfulness unfolds. This was what I feared would happen when Anne Hathaway told Conan O'Brien she had written a rap song in response to the paparazzi. Then she got to it. Wow!