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VIDEO: Kelly Ripa Returns To “Live!” With Humor, Honesty, Strength And Perspective



Kelly Ripa ReturnKelly Ripa demonstrated what makes her one of the most beloved TV personalities on television today, returning to her morning chat show with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor, but also as a woman not afraid to speak out in her own defense, even at the expense of network brass. She returned to the show that bears her name after a week of speculation and gossip – the central figure in a daytime television cliffhanger that could rival any of the storylines her soap opera character once faced.

Ripa has not been seen on the show since it was revealed that co-host Michael Strahan would be leaving for a full time gig on Good Morning America – a revelation that Ripa learned about practically minutes before it went public.


Today, after speculation that she might never be seen on set with him again, she returned to the studio with a healthy perspective, joking sarcastically, “Guys, our long national nightmare is over!”

More than aware that ABC was watching closely, concerned about what Ripa might say, she continued “I’m fairly certain there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case I drift too far off message.”

“I first want to honestly, sincerely thank you for welcoming me back to the show,” she continued. “The love, the show of support through this bizarre time has been overwhelming.”

To an audience standing in support and cheering her on with enthusiasm, she proceeded to do, in a healthy, diplomatic way – what many viewers and TV insiders alike had hoped she would do.

She made the network squirm a little.

“I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts,” Ripa said, referring to her time away from the show. “After 26 years with this company, I earned the right. And to be honest, I know half of you [in the audience] called in sick to be here, so we get each other.”

“In that time, I gained some perspective … I always speak from the heart. I didn’t want to come out here and just say something I regret. What transpired, though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace.”

The crowd cheered wildly to this reference – a clear jab at ABC’s widely acknowledged mishandling of the announcement, chronicled not only in the gossip world for its drama, but in mainstream news publications for everything from a culture of sexism at the network to what was being described as ABC’s “Ann Curry Moment” – a reference to how badly Curry’s departure from The Today Show had been handled and impacted NBC… a debacle that many believed was instrumental in Good Morning America stealing the ratings lead away from its competitor.

Ripa went on: “I don’t consider this just a workplace. This is my second home. This is a place I have devoted myself to, not just because of you our loyal viewers but because of all of the producers and the crew who work on this show. We have an incredible team. We are incredibly devoted to one another. We are family. Apologies have been made. The best thing to come out of all of this, guys, is that our parent company has assured me that Live is a priority.”

The question of whether “Live!” might lose its timeslot to an additional hour of GMA had come up in the past week, and that last statement there seemed to imply that, at least for now, the show will be staying where it is, or at the very least have a prominent home on the network for the foreseeable future. (The show is renewed for several additional seasons already.)

She congratulated Strahan: “I am thrilled for Michael. I am thrilled for you. This is a tremendous opportunity. I and we couldn’t be prouder of you and everything we accomplished together.”

Brilliantly, Ripa didn’t harp on the matter. Everything that needed to be said had been said.

“Back to the show, this is entertainment, it’s supposed to be entertaining. Let’s get back to what we do best and start the show,” she said.

But before moving back to the chat area, Ripa reminded us all why audiences love her. She put it all in perspective.

“My dad, who was a bus driver for 30 years, thinks we’re all crazy. I think he’s right.”

And with that, the drama of ‘what will Kelly do?’ comes to a near close. Sort of. Now the question of how long Strahan will actually stay on the program, (we know now that his last show is May 13th) and who will be his successor.

But if the audience’s response was any indication, no matter who that may be, they’ll be staying right where they are.



Well Sh-t, Leslie Jordan Has Shared Three Videos Of Himself Dancing In One Week And They’re All Perfect



Doing much better now, Leslie.

If you’ve never believed that “good things come in small packages” then you’ve never seen Leslie Jordan’s instagram. The 4’11” actor known for his iconic roles in shows like Will & Grace and American Horror Story has recently developed a whole new fanbase who loves him for his viral Instagram videos. Usually starting each video by greeting fans with “Well shit, how y’all doing?”, viewers have grown to anticipate Jordan’s hilarious recounting of stories from his time in show biz or growing up in the south. This week, however, the Tennessee native has shared 3 videos of himself dancing within 5 days and honestly it’s precisely what we all need right now.

The first video was posted on August 12th and shows Jordan taking part of the “Git up and dance challenge” which swept the internet about a year ago. Even though he is a little late, the video is still perfection.

On August 13th, Jordan does a dance to “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from Hairspray a with special guest dance partner Katie Couric!

Finally, on August 15th, Jordan does an epic “tootsie roll” and challenges Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, to do the tootsie roll herself. Of course Rinna commented with a big “ON IT ❤️😂.” Who could say no to the viral star?!?

The moral of the story here is that the world is going through some tough times right now but maybe, even for a few seconds, we could all feel better if we’d just dance it out. Thanks for the inspo Leslie Jordan!

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Planters ‘Baby Nut’ Has Somehow Already Turned 21 And People Are Not Loving The News



2020 keeps getting nuttier.

The world was shocked when the iconic Mr. Peanut was killed during a pre-Super Bowl ad earlier this year. There wasn’t much time to mourn, however, before a new nut was thrust onto us like back-to-school commercials in July. Yes, after the 59-year-old mascot met his untimely death consumers were introduced to his reincarnate, Baby Nut. With big, expressive eyes and a tiny stature fans began to swoon over the cute branding revamp and accepted him as the new mascot. Well as if 2020 hasn’t been crazy enough, Planters just released a new commercial celebrating Baby Nut’s 21st birthday and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

According to a quick Google search, a peanut plant takes 4-5 months to reach maturity. So with Baby Nut being born in February, he is technically right on track in his growth cycle. The OG Mr. Peanut was the reigning mascot for 59 years so does that mean he was actually over 3,000 peanut-years old? The accelerated aging is not explained in the new ad with Baby Nut (Young Adult Nut?) simply saying “it’s been a weird year.” Reactions on Twitter are largely negative but as always, hilarious. Here are some of the best:

Yikes. Good thing Baby Nut is old enough to drink now…looks like he might need to throw back a few to handle some of these reactions.

To follow Peanut Jr.’s official account click here.

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The Last Blockbuster Store In Existence Is Now Listed On AirBNB



Netflix could never.

Remember how exciting it was to take a trip to Blockbuster back in the 90’s? You’d try to get there early enough to rent one of the latest “new releases” before everyone else in the neighborhood got to them. You’d beg your parents for some popcorn and candy which were conveniently placed on the checkout line. And if it was a whole family outing, you’d wander off to look at all the films and games that you were never going to rent but found comfort in knowing you could rent someday. Gosh, it felt like you could spend days inside one of those movie meccas. Well good news, now you can because the last Blockbuster in existence is now listed on AirBNB!

The retailer, located in Bend, Oregon is offering up three one-night stays for up to four guests for folks who want an “end of summer sleepover.” The store has added an adorable living room set up which includes a pull out sofa and a big screen tv so guests can binge all their favorite films. Oh and there’s snacks! Along with providing ideas for a perfect 90’s night the ad also suggests that you should “help yourself to some NERDS, Raisinets and popcorn (heavy on the butter), but make sure you save room for a couple slices.”

Credit: AirBNB

There is a catch to the whole experience though, the listing is only available to Deschutes County residents. Is it too late to move!?! Manager Sandi Harding explained that the publicity stunt is a response to the newfound economic uncertainty due to the pandemic. “Not much has changed at our store – not even our prices – and that’s just how we like it! We think of ourselves as a family, and that includes everyone from the global travelers who come to visit, to the lifelong friends and couples who first met as Blockbuster employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a test of our community unlike any other, so we decided to list this stay to keep this tradition alive during these uncertain times.”

Such a clever way to keep this iconic 90’s treasure trove alive! To check out the AirBNB listing, click here!

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