POP MUSIC: Barbra Streisand For President! Legendary Singer Gets Political With New Single ‘Don’t Lie To Me’

Don’t tell her to sit around and putter! Barbra Streisand is using her icon status to take a stand against our current presidential administration. This isn’t funny, girl. She won’t stop until happy days are here again. She has a message and she really wants to tell him. Ok I am out of Barbra puns but no need to put me on a Guilt Trip.

Today, the legendary singer, songwriter and actress released a new single off of her upcoming album, Walls, entitled “Don’t Lie To Me.” Being that this is the first original music Streisand has released since 2005, she is making sure it carries some weight. Commenting on the current political climate, “Don’t Lie To Me” (the entire album actually) serves as a reminder that we as a nation are not powerless. The album will feature 7 new songs and 4 reimagined classics.

When speaking with TIME, Babs notes that the entire country is under duress and she feels that “human decency seems to be melting away faster than the polar ice caps.” She notes that the first single can sound like a song about a scorned lover but the lies mentioned are actually representational of the 5,000 lies our president has told during his tenure. When asked why she chose to release new music after all these years she responded by saying:

“They’re very troubling times. The leader of the free world doesn’t seem to care much about truth, and he’s chipping away at the pillars of democracy, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. I believe in the power of the truth, and I can’t stand being lied to. I don’t think the country should be lied to either. So that started me thinking about how to put down my thoughts in music and lyrics about what was on my mind. As a matter of fact, the first song from this album is called “What’s On My Mind.” And I was very driven by this president’s lies. And that’s why this first song is ‘Don’t Lie to Me.'”

We know Babs has never been shy about speaking her mind so we can be sure that this album will make an impact. The album, Walls, drops November 2nd! Check out the first single, “Don’t Lie To Me,” by clicking below!


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