Answering Machine

HYSTERICAL VIDEO: Mom Leaves Questions About Facebook On Son’s Voicemail. Son Puts Them On YouTube. Hilarity Ensues.

Bryan Yong was nice enough to introduce is computer-illiterate mother to Facebook. He was also nice enough to field all her of many, many questions about the social network, which she left on his voicemail. He then collected each hilarious one and put them on youtube. Let the hilarity begin.

VIDEO: Kid Calls His Mom From Obama’s Limo. She Doesn’t Pick Up.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. President Obama's limo pulled up to a pair of young kids - and let's them use his official car phone of the president to call ANYONE they want! They call their mom. She doesn't pick up. Yes, they left a voicemail. Somewhere that woman is really bummin' today. And trying to figure out how to save that voicemail forever. The video is here: