VIDEO: Dogs Sticking Heads Out Car Windows – In Slow Motion

This will make any dog lover smile. It's called "Dogs In Cars," by Keith Hopkin. Yep, it's simply a montage of dogs sticking their heads out of the car window - in slow motion - set to music. So straightforward, and yet somehow surprising in how beautiful, sweet and clever it is.

FUNNY VIDEO: Dog Fakes His Own Death While Playing

This is the closest thing to living proof that dogs have a sense of humor. Watch as this crazy hyper dog teases a fellow friend with a dramatic 'play dead' moment. It's pretty priceless. This dog has more acting skills than those girls on 'The Hills.'

VIDEO: Talking Dogs, Translated.

Mishka and Laika are beautiful huskies who each have their own YOUTUBE pages! Every day their owners post a video of them 'talking.' Check out this one where they can't seem to agree on how to spend their afternoon...