VIDEO: Cat Endures Trampoline Ride With Enthusiastic Child.

Before you get all worried about the cat, remember that cats are nature's NO BULL$HiT animal. They literally will not do what they don't want to do. That includes being throttled around on a trampoline while a child wildly leaps into the air. Now enjoy watching this funny video as the cat is willingly lobbed around.

CREEPY VIDEO: Tons Of Fish Jump Out Of Water Around Family’s Boat.

This is probably the creepiest video you will see today. (Unless Anthony Weiner decides to get creative.) A family goes "fishing" down a small drainage ditch in the flooded Spoon River. They are ambushed by asian carp, which begin jumping out of the water, many of them into the boat itself! The kids squeal in delight. I would be screaming in terror. Many of the fish can be seen flopping around in the boat.