POP INTERVIEW: Matt Brady on Working with Jessica Biel and Sundance 2013

Matt Brady produced Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, a 2013 Sundance selection about a woman's increasing curiosity when a neighbor resembles her deceased mother. Before he headed off to the film festival, mingling with fellow filmmakers and countless goodie bags, he chatted with Pop about his uniquely captivating first feature film.

NEWS BLUNDER VIDEO: Sand Storm Captured By Reporter Is Actually A Production Guy Kicking Sand Into The Shot.

When a weather reporter missed getting video of an actual sandstorm in the Ukraine, they secretly put a production assistant just out of the shot to kick up the sand to make it look like it was happening again. Trouble is, for a moment, you can see the guy in the shot kicking his leg into the air to get the sand a flyin'. Oops.