There is something beautiful about watching a table read from one of the biggest films of the decade.  You look at these unassuming actors reading their lines together (probably for the first time), and realize that they have no idea what is in store for them.  All they know is that they’re making a movie, and it could either crash and burn, or become a huge hit.

Thanks to Reddit (via The Daily What), we have one of those moments now available to us in the form of a table read for the 2007 hit, SUPERBAD. Witness Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and the rest of the cast sitting around, reading together, trying not to crack up at each other’s lines.

Now, be warned, the scene is one of the final scenes where all the guys are trying to get laid for the first time, so the language is obviously very NSFW.  BUT if you have headphones, enjoy!!!

Oh, and did anybody else realize that Paul Rudd is just chilling off on the side, reading lines obviously for someone who couldn’t make it?  That’s just damn cool…