Larry King Defends His Position On Piers Morgan

“You oversold it,” said Larry King to Piers Morgan about the promotions of the late night program, in which Morgan described himself as “dangerous.”
King sat down to talk to Morgan on the new program, which has big shoes to fill. King was steadfast in his position that the remarks, used frequently in show promos, were too much.

“I’m from Brooklyn,” King said later. “In Brooklyn, if you say I’m dangerous you better be dangerous.”

“I’ve always oversold myself,” Morgan said. “I quite like doing that. It’s quite funny.”

Morgan added, “You can’t follow Sinatra in Vegas and say..”By the way I’m not very good and this is going to be useless.'”

“But then it’s disappointing.” said King.

“Well to you it is,” said Morgan. “I think it’s been going quite well.”

Check out the video here:



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