Roseanne Barr Attacks Chuck Lorre, Defends Charlie Sheen

Roseanne Barr is taking aim at Two And A Half Men exec (and former Roseanne writer) Chuck Lorre - and she isn’t holding back!

According to TV Guide and multiple sources, the actress/comedienne wrote on her blog:

“I never really worked with [Lorre], as he was mostly drunk when he was on my show,” the former sitcom star wrote on her blog, which also alleged she fired Lorre for “being a big drunk” on her show.

“I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, (and Brett [Butler] and Cybill [Shepherd], both of whom were often out in the parking lot screaming at Chuck and crying) who has to not only be the bi-polar wizard Charlie Sheen, but had to toil as a tool for Lorre Enterprises Inc,”

Before Two and a Half Men Lorre worked as a writer and producer on Barr’s ABC sitcom, Roseanne, from 1990-1992. then he created Grace Under Fire starring Butler in 1993 and Cybill in 1995.

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