January Jones’ Regrettable Quote.

Once upon a time, (the 80’s) in a commercial for Pantene, Kelly LeBrock says to the camera ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful.” To which America’s response was: “Okay, we’ll hate you because you’re arrogant.” Today, January Jones is having her regrettable quote moment thanks to her interview with Marie Claire magazine. It’s getting her all the wrong kind of attention right now.

The article refers back to a quote that had been reported previously, which the reporter had asked her about:

She also denies claiming that her modeling career was inspired by a desire to show “all those bitches in high school who said I wasn’t pretty.”

“Where are you getting this sh*t,” retorts the Unknown star. “It sounds like something I might have said when I was, like, 15. The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty.”

On top of the overall meow tone in her answer, the whole ‘they were bitches because I was pretty’ is the bigger problem here. Generally, methinks it best to downplay how people hate you because you’re beautiful. Because sometimes, just sometimes, they hate you because you seem to be a little too self-aware of how beautiful you are.

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