POP Parody: 34 Katherine Heigl Movies Accidentally Released At Once. Panic Ensues.

The Onion provided this hysterical (and yes, mean) parody on Katherine Heigl,  claiming an accident at the Sony vault resulted in a massive amount of Heigl films being released at once, causing self-blindings and hysteria in the streets. The video (at the bottom of this post) is hysterical. Unless you’re Katherine Heigl.

“Studio officials scrambled to contain a massive stream of Katherine Heigl films… 19 romantic comedies, 14 screwball romps and one attempt at arthouse  indie credibility… They released a statement: ‘we promise to do everything we can do to get the level of Heigl films back down to a much more manageable three or four per year.'”


Of course, they got a ‘statement’ from the actress herself. Ouch!!!

Here’s the full story…

Damn! When the Onion goes after you, they go full-on!

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