Schoolyard Justice: Bully Gets Deserved Smackdown From Assistant Principal. Thankfully, Administration

An old bullying video was recently featured on a cable TV clip show – and now the incident is getting new attention.

At a school outside Albany, New York, a Shenendehowa High School Assistant Principal spotted a girl (wearing a sweatshirt with a ‘peace’ sign on it, no less) beating up another girl in the schoolyard. (Classy.) Assistant Principal Matthew Heckman shows up and peace-hoodie girl gets served. Enter the scrutiny!

Thankfully, school district officials said that Heckman acted appropriately.

The video recently went viral, and then was featured on Tosh.0 the program which features compilations of videos to get laughs. (It’s a funny show, btw.) That’s what brought the video to the administration’s attention. After investigating, school officials determined that the incident happened last year.

The hood in a hoodie was disciplined at the time of the incident. Let’s hope that now she’s also being humiliated.

Bullying Video, posted with vodpod


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