Wonder Woman Revival Is Dead On Arrival.

There was much excitement (and skepticism) about the upcoming Wonder Woman series. Scribe/Director David E. Kelly was revisting the classic heroine, giving it a contemporary edge (and a revamped costume.) First, the costume got mixed reviews, and then, they delivered the full pilot to NBC, and the reviews were even MORE mixed. Like a cocktail, apparently. Entertainment Weekly reports that the test screenings received less than stellar reactions. Rather than revamp, the net decided to scrap the project entirely. And so, some blue spandex sits in a pile somewhere, a magic lasso remains unfurled. And an invisible jet is taking up a lot of space, causing a lot of stubbed toes. (Where do you park that thing?)

As pilots go, this one was giving NBC it’s biggest buzz in recent memory, so it’s certainly a disappointment for both. I’m disappointed too! I wanted to check this out!

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