For any young woman whose ever dreamed of modeling in a magazine fashion spread, a fictional computer animated character has now achieved that notoriety before you. Bazaar Magazine is now featuring Smurfette if Dolce and Louis Vuitton.

The spread ties in nicely with upcoming release of the 3D Smurfs movie, coming out July 29th.

In the magazine, Smurfette is showing off mostly accessories, since the character must always be wearing her signature blue dress. The mag also includes the ‘prices’ of the items – (I’m assuming that’s if the products were people-sized… at $1,230, the red sparkly hat seems pricey for a character that can fit under a mushroom, even if it’s Louis Vuitton.

This is not the first time the mag has featured a cartoon character. Marge Simpson once graced the pages ‘wearing’ Versace.

Oh, and here’s a preview of the Smurfs movie: