Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Marriage to Crystal Harris OFF!

It seems like Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris will NOT be living happily ever after…

According to TMZ, the Playboy God and his bunny wife-to-be had a major fight over the weekend, causing Harris to leave the mansion.

Multiple sources tell the site that the 25-year-old moved her things out of the mansion and the wedding, set for this Saturday June 18, has been canceled.

Hef didn’t hint at any domestic disruptions on Saturday, when he tweeted to a fan in England:

“The wedding is next Saturday (June 18)…And airs on Lifetime on July 13.”

However, less than an hour ago, Hef tweeted again, saying that The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.” Ironically enough, the tweet below was a retweet promoting Crystal’s new song.

Want to add to the irony?  Harris, herself, made fun of the couple’s 60-year age gap in a Funny or Die video released just today that promotes the ‘The Playboy App’ for smartphones, which will make you “knowledgeable about things older people are interested in, which is helpful when you’re dating Hugh Hefner.”

The 85-year-old Hefner and 25-year-old Harris began dating in January 2009 and became engaged around Christmas. Something tells me both will be okay…

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