Movie Critics Don’t Seem Too Excited About Seeing Adam Sandler As A Woman.

In his upcoming movie "Jack and Jill," Adam Sandler plays both Jack AND Jill. But entertainment writers don't seem too excited about it. Here's what they're saying about the preview! Ouch! (Video below the sniping!)

In his upcoming movie “Jack and Jill,” Adam Sandler plays both Jack AND Jill. But entertainment writers don’t seem too excited about it. Here’s what they’re saying about the preview! Ouch! (Video below the sniping!)

Says E!’s Gregory Imler:

“Sandler’s latest “laughfests” haven’t exactly given off the impression that a lot of effort went into them (hi, Just Go With It and Grown Ups), but this one might be the flick to beat.

Full of generic, clichéd bits of “comedy” like people saying rude things out loud, Jet Ski’s run amok and kids punching adults, we’re kind of left wondering if Sandler just thinks, “Eh, whatever, people will watch it” when it comes to his movies. Have we really come to that?

From Dallas NBC Affiliate Scott Ross:

“Perhaps not since last summer’s trailer for “Marmaduke” has a two-minute clip left us feeling so sad, angry and confused.”

Queerty offers its readers this assessment of Sandler’s entire body of work:

“…a lowbrow effort to normalize all categories of human existence via aggressive idiocy, equal-opportunity mockery, flatulence, gross exaggeration, more flatulence, thoughtlessly crass jokes, vomit, horny grandmas and an approach to real life that resembles nothing any human on Earth has ever experienced.”

I can’t say that I disagree with the critics. It feels like an unsuccessful SNL sketch that goes on for 90 minutes too long. I don’t understand why Jill has such a strong accent, and while I laughed at the jetski crash, that comes with a LOT of suspension of disbelief. (The jetski making it to the pool requires a ton of idiots at work.) And yeah, I’m fully convinced that Al Pacino would hit on Jill. That’s completely believable. Especially doing so via a hot dog.

Since we’re in full-on cliche mode, I’m guessing that Jack learns to accept his sister in the end, and movie goers must learn to accept that they just threw away 20 bucks in ticket money.

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