Vinny Leaves “Jersey Shore” for Good!

The cast of "Jersey Shore" has one more season coming before they are all replaced with a new batch of orange muscleheads. Apparently, Vinny didn't want to wait that long...

The cast of “Jersey Shore” has one more season coming before they are all replaced with a new batch of orange muscleheads.  Apparently, Vinny didn’t want to wait that long…

According to TMZ, sources connected to “Jersey Shore” are saying that Vinny (aka Vinny Guadagnino) left the house late Friday night after getting into an argument with an unnamed cast member.  He left in a cab with suitcases in hand, reportedly for good.

All this takes place just a week after the group came back from shooting season four in Italy.

Guadagnino threatened to leave the show a few days into filming, complaining of “being homesick” and being  “burned out”.

UsMagazine says a source told them,

“Seeing his family the other day made him get a little homesick. [With] Vinny being the youngest of the bunch, it’s a long time to be away from his family. He left and is home [in Staten Island]. I don’t think he will be back.”

Wait, so from Staten Island to New Jersey, he’s homesick?!?  Isn’t that like less than an hour away?  And to get paid $100,000 an episode to party and be an idiot, I’d move to another country!  But hey, that’s just me…

An MTV spokesperson said,

“We don’t comment on series while they are in production but viewers can be assured they will have answers when Season Five premieres.”

Still waiting on Season Four…

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