We first got to know Brad Goreski as the flamboyant, talented assistant on the Rachel Zoe Project – but now that he has left the show to pursue his own solo reality stardom, and stolen some clients in the process – is there a rivalry between he and his former co-star? Let’s do a gossip CSI investigation on this story…

When word got out that Brad was leaving Rachel, and would eventually have his own show, it was a love affair on twitter – but now, there’s a laundry list of signs that the two are no longer cheering each other on.

As recently as last month, Brad said publicly that the two don’t really speak any more.

In September, when Zoe gave her first-ever presentation at Fashion Week (debuting her new clothing collection,) Goreski was a no-show. He’s also said publicly that he ‘doesn’t need to’ watch Zoe’s current run.

On a recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, the Zoe team made remarks that Goreski mislead them about his departure. (Fodder to hype of Brad’s own show? perhaps… but likely not…)

‘Stolen’ Clients? Despite claims that Demi Moore worked with Brad on just one project, he actually has done more than that, the Oscars and Sundance among them. Zoe has reportedly been furious about the defection. Jessica Alba, also an occasional Zoe client, was styled by Brad for a recent ad campaign.

A source tells me that outside of the TV show itself, when it comes down to dollars and cents, no one wants their clients going somewhere else, and that the loss of celebrity clients is a thorn in Zoe’s side. Zoe is also all to aware that TV fame, like fashion is all about what’s new and hot… and a new TV show (Brad’s) may hurt her business. 

So while they may say publicly they’re ‘not feuding’ – the fact that they’re not speaking – and competing for business – doesn’t bode well for these two.