Michael Douglas Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis with Alec Baldwin

After months of being in remission, Michael Douglas is speaking out in a new interview about the moment that he was first told he had cancer.

Douglas sat down with friend Alec Baldwin on his new WNYC radio show, and described the doctor’s initial thoughts:

“I’ll never forget that moment when he (the doctor) looked up at me and looked back down. I knew, and he said ‘Well, I guess we’re going to have to take a biopsy, see there’s a polyp here,’ it was on my tongue. Two days later, he called me back and said, ‘You’ve got cancer,'”

Douglas said that when he first went to the doctor, it was more for a basic check up, after feeling a sore throat when wrapping WALL STEET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS:

“I thought maybe it was from tension, from the part, where you haven’t placed your voice, where you’re swallowing your words and you speak from the back of your throat…I had a little bit of a sore gum and so I saw doctors.”

The 66-year-old actor underwent seven weeks of treatments that cleared the cancer.  Now, Douglas will next be seen in the title role of LIBERACE, a film based on the life of the famous American pianist.  It is a role he is very excited about:

“Liberace was a lovely guy…I haven’t played a lot of nice guys.”

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