VIDEO: Comic Nathan Barnatt Performs Epic Skittles Dance, Immediately Goes Viral

Funny guy receives a boom box covered in skittles. So he countered with an epic Skittles dance video. Now it's gone viral!

Actor and Comic Nathan Barnatt is a well known funny guy in LA. He’s a member of the upright citizens brigade and has become infamous for his ‘do anything for a laugh’ dance moves. He’s known for making funny videos, often featuring himself ‘dancing like no one is watching.’ (He’s been seen on Funny Or Die.) So we shouldn’t be surprised by his awesome Skittles dance. Look closer at his youtube page and you’ll see he’s done a lot of Skittles viral ads before as his alter ego Trale Lewous. There is something about super-short shorts that is riotous to me!

Barnatt has busted a move for cash with brilliance before. Below the skittles ad, check out his winning entry into the ‘Touchdown Dance-Off’ video contest, which he entered last year, winning himself 10,000 dollars!

Click HERE to follow Nathan Barnatt on twitter, and for more viral videos, follow @BrianBalthazar on twitter!

And below, the infamous touchdown dance that got more than 11,000 votes and won him 10,000!

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