60 Minutes’ profile on Meryl Streep is an insightful look both into the mind of Streep, as well as Margaret Thatcher, whom she plays in the film “The Iron Lady.”

Much has been made of Streep’s ability to ‘become’ a character. In the profile, she brightly explains just how deep the transformation goes: “I mean I’m not insane, I do know that I’m acting!” she laughs, ” but  you  forget about it, yeah. When you’re doing it right there is a thrilling suspension of the day to day and you’re in someone else’s head.”

Always affable and insightful, she takes a smart stance on a consistent line of questioning she has gotten over the years… based on the observation that she plays ‘a lot of strong minded women:’

“No one has ever asked an actor: ‘you’re playing a strong minded man.’ We assume that men are strong minded, or have opinions. But a strong minded woman is a different animal.”

The interview below centers mostly on Streep’s own journey, but at about 08:25 turns to Thatcher’s struggle with dementia and Streeps depiction of it in the film.  It’s compelling,

Streep exhibits a genuinely fun sense of humor through much of the interview, especially at the end when she mistakes the meaning of a particular word in the interview. Rather than be embarassed (or as many a star would d0 – try to get their publicist to have that part edited it out) she bursts into a joyous laughter.

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