For anyone who has even seen the trailer for HAYWIRE, you know Gina Carano can fight.  Turns out, she’s so damn good, that co-star Ewan McGregor almost broke his hand while shooting a fight scene with her!

In a new interview, McGregor said that while shooting the scene with the MMA champion, he accidentally went too far around and punched Carano, hurting only himself!

“The only time I got hurt was when I punched Gina Carano in the head by accident…I had a series of three punches, but the third one… for one reason or another I connected really hard on the side of her head. She was the one who got straight up and said, ‘Are you OK?’ She was asking me if I was OK! But she was right because I almost broke my friggin’ hand!”

Turns out that Carano was absolutely fine!

As for me…I think I’m in love.

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