It was around this time last year that we first saw a trailer for JACK THE GIANT KILLER, the dark take on the fairy tale “Jack and The Bean Stalk”. Just over a month after the trailer’s release it’s expected 2012 release date was pushed back to 2013, Warner Brothers replaced KILLER with SLAYER, and that leads us to today. Now we have an updated trailer of JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, directed by Bryan Singer (X-MEN), and starring Nicholas Hoult (X-MEN FIRST CLASS, WARM BODIES), Ewan McGregor (BEGINNERS, BIG FISH), Stanley Tucci (THE HUNGER GAMES) and Bill Nighy (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MANS CHEST). You can check out both trailers below, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER is set to hit theaters March 1, 2013.