TRAILER ALERT- New IRON MAN 3 Trailer Shows Off Major Plot Themes, Plenty of New Toys

Check out the newest trailer for Marvel's IRON MAN 3.

ironman3-poster-watermark-jpg_162144“I’m Tony Stark, I build neat stuff, I’ve got a great girl, and occasionally save the world, so why can’t I sleep?”

Things have not been okay for Tony Stark since the events of THE AVENGERS. For one thing, he can’t seem to get any shut-eye, and now there is a brand new villain at large, the terrorist known as “The Mandarin”.

The second trailer for IRON MAN 3 reveals more dialogue and plenty of new toys for Tony Stark and company. The best part of these first 2 trailers has been just hearing the voice of Sir Ben Kingsley’s The Mandarin – a voice the actor spent weeks in a hotel room perfecting,

“He called me from his hotel room one day and said I think I have the voice, and as soon as he spoke I knew we had something great” revealed director Shane Black at Comic Con in July. The trailer also reveals Tony Starks Iron Man Army – and the suit revealed at the end of the trailer, which has fans in an uproar is known as the “Hulkbuster”. It also has fans wondering the validity of reports that none of the other avengers will appear in IRON MAN 3.

So as fans argue what will come of Tony Stark in IRON MAN 3, the rest of us can get excited for a summer movie slate that will include a super hero looking for “Good old fashioned revenge”.

IRON MAN 3 hits theaters May 3, Starring Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, James Badge Dale, Rebecca Hall, and Guy Pearce.

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