Robert Downey Jr

Movie Review: The Avengers

Mike Finkelstein wants to save the world! He just put on his cape and his red boots and his spandex, and he’s off to the city to fight crime! Wheeeeeee!!! Oh, crap! An intergalactic army of aliens?!? Call someone else!!! *Runs away screaming* Here is his review of “The Avengers”.

Robert Downey Jr. Speaks Out About Being Replaced As IRON MAN

A few days ago, we told you how Marvel head Kevin Feige was so confident about his IRON MAN franchise, that he felt when Robert Downey Jr decided to leave, they could just "James Bond" it and get another actor. Well now, in a new interview with MTV at the Tribeca screening of THE AVENGERS, Downey spoke out about Feige's comments...