Check out the first trailer for IRON MAN 3.

In July, Marvel revealed a HUGE trailer for IRON MAN 3 to the crowd at Comic Con. Now they have finally released a trailer to the general public, with some of the same footage from Comic Con. From the looks of it IRON MAN 3 will be the darkest of the IRON MAN films and probably the darkest film Marvel has made thus far. Starring Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow , Don Cheadle , Guy Pearce (PROMETHEUS), Rebecca Hall (THE TOWN), James Badge Dale (THE GREY) and Ben Kingsley.

IRON MAN 3 takes over where THE AVENGERS left off, Tony Stark(Downey Jr) is coming off of just saving New York by tossing a nuclear weapon into space and now he is dealing with the effects of it. While a terrorist organization led by The Mandarin(Kingsley) attempts to destroy him and everyone he loves. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Directed by Shane Black (KISS KISS, BANG BANG) and Written by Black and rising star Drew Pearce, who is already writing two more major films, GODZILLA, and SHERLOCK HOLMES 3. IRON MAN 3 is the first followup film to THE AVENGERS as part of Marvel’s “Phase 2” plan and is set to hit theaters May 3, 2013.


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