Man’s $150,000 Star Trek Apartment Torn Apart By Wife in Divorce

Yeah, you read that right. A guy has a "Star Trek" apartment. His wife destroyed it. Done laughing?'s the story:

Yeah, you read that right.  A guy has a “Star Trek” apartment.  His wife destroyed it.

Done laughing?  Okay…here’s the story:

UK resident Tony Alleyne has spent over a decade remodeling his 500 square-foot apartment into a replica of the interior of “Star Trek”‘s USS Voyager.  Features include hand-crafted furnishings, a high-tech bathroom, voice-activated blue lighting, air conditioning, a command console and his own transporter room.  The cost?  $150,000.

It turns out that this little renovation put a strain on Tony’s marriage.  He and his wife have lived in the apartment since 1994, with the wife paying the ENTIRE mortgage, as all of Tony’s money went into the designing.

Now, after 17 years (I don’t know how they lasted that long…), the pair is getting divorced, and the wife wants to sell the apartment not as a starship, but as the way it looked before.  Tony, sadly, doesn’t have any money to buy it from her as is (wonder why), so he must go along with it.

Tony said in an interview that he is devastated with the decision:

“To say I’m gutted is an understatement…It is my life’s work – and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.”

Check out some more pictures of the apartment below.  And more than anything, just be happy that you 1) aren’t that huge of a fan that you spent all your money on a “Star Trek” apartment, 2) don’t have enough money to build a “Star Trek” apartment (because you know you would), and 3) have a wife that is probably understanding enough and straightforward enough to slap you across the face initially instead of go along with your crazy dream until your marriage is completely destroyed.



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