Desperate Housewives is in it’s final season, and it looks like they’re going to out with high drama – killing off a major character on the show.

Entertainment Weekly reports that a high profile character will go to that big Wisteria Lane in the sky… and the cast has just learned. The pivotal moment will air in March.

The finale of the show airs in May. Creator Marc Cherry has said in the past that he hopes to pay tribute to character to folks who have been on the show in seasons’ past (Nicolette Sheridan? Perhaps after that lawsuit she filed maybe not) and he has also said that he has always had the finale of the show in  mind early on.

One thing he has said he WON’T do – is tie everything up in a bow. Not all the complicated storylines will end in a happily ever after. It turns out Wisteria Lane is one street where drama will live on long after the show.

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