VIDEO: The ShamWow Guy is Back With The Schticky…Oh Dear Lord…

The one and only Vince Offer is back today with his new product, the Schticky!

You loved him with the ShamWow.  You loved him with the Slap Chop.  You even loved him with the Jail Cell!  Oh wait…that wasn’t a commercial…

Well, either way, the one and only Vince Offer is back today with his new product, the Schticky!  It’s like a lint roller, except different!

Take a look at the add below, and laugh at 1) Vince, 2) how ridiculous infomercial gets, and 3) the jab at Vince’s arrest for fighting a prostitute back in February (yeah…he did that)

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    NEW COMMERCIAL OUT NOW! The Schticky Lint Roller, product created by Lindsey Brooks CEO Boardwalk Brand and Ingo Von Stein CEO of Euroshine INC. This is a cool new reusable lint roller set that is able to not only remove hair, dirt, dust and lint from clothing, but also from furniture, car interiors and your favorite black pants. Its secret is the silicone and rubber that it is made from that causes the material to be sticky when dry but then when all the lose debris is picked up you simply run it under a tap and then towel dry it and it becomes sticky again and again and again. Log onto our website and go to you tube to watch the new commercial . Lindsey and Ingo hired Vince to peddle the product nationwide almost a year ago, and after much research and effort the product has been brought to life. Join our official facebook and twitter to show your support!

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