Adele Will Survive Karl Lagerfeld’s Snarky Remark, Probably Sweep The Grammys

Karl Lagerfeld turned a guest editing job at Metro Newspaper into a foot in mouth moment...calling singer Adele 'a little too fat.'

Karl Lagerfeld turned a guest editing job at Metro Newspaper into a foot in mouth moment…calling singer Adele ‘a little too fat.’

Metro newspaper is a free handout given at transit stations in various cities. In this case, fashion icon Lagerfeld was guest editing for the Paris edition, so the team decided to do a Q and A with him. The subject of music came up… and then things went a little downhill. He said:

I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad.The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.

Not surprisingly, that kind of thing tends to get picked up by the media.

Quite possibly though, this will blow over by this weekend, when the singer is performing at the Grammys, where shie could potentially sweep the awards for Best Album, Record, Song and Artist of the Year.

Her album “21″ ended up as the top-selling album of 2011, spending a total of 18 weeks at No. 1. (can you believe it’s the most succesfull run since The Bodyguard soundtrack? which spent 20 weeks at No. 1 in 1993?)

In December Adele wept the Billboard Music awards, winning artist of the year, song of the year (“Rolling in the Deep”) and album of the year.

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  • Adele IS Beautiful. Who says that beauty is only for the underfed pencil thin bulimic models. Often guys I know say “they don’t want bone thin, because only a dog wants a bone, they want a woman with some meat on her, some junk in the trunk” So that walking dead looking Lagerfeld has it all wrong. In fact there is a call to boycott Lagerfeld and Chanel.
    I am tired of those designers who believe their own press.
    Rock on Adele, I hope you sweep the Grammys. You are a roll model for women who should be comfortable with their beauty and in their own skin. We all love you Adele!

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