Nicky Minaj’s “Stupid H-e” Video Banned, Ensuring More Publicity!

Given the explicitness of Nicky Minaj's latest single 'Stupid H-e,' BET has reportedly banned the video from the network. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for Minaj?

Given the explicitness of Nicky Minaj’s latest single ‘Stupid H-e,’ BET has reportedly banned the video from the network. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for Minaj?

According to TMZ, BET believes the song is too raunchy and has no plans to run the video on their air.

In the video, directed by Hype Williams, Minaj writhes in a cage, streaming out a series of explicit lyrics. Images of her somewhat bare buttocks (I like the word buttocks) also flash repeatedly on the screen. Truthfully – as music videos go, this isn’t the most shocking thing I”ve seen. It’s weird, sure, but not that shocking in today’s day and age.

Historically, having a video banned from TV hasn’t had much negative impact, especially now, when the brou-haha can essentially lead to even greater ONLINE traffic. According to MTV, the promo of “Stupid H*e” uploaded on Vevo got a record breaking 4.8 million views within the first 24 hours on the site… before word of BET’s ban even made news. (Less than two weeks in, the video has already gotten more than 20 million views.) I’m guessing this isn’t going to have much negative impact on her.

You may recall some of these memorably banned videos;

Marilyn Manson has a whole collection of banned videos. No one is shocked by him anymore.

Bjork’s “Cocoon,” which shows the artist totally nude with red licorice (I think) coming out of her nipples. Banned by MTV.

British singer Robbie Williams’ 2000 music video “Rock DJ” showed him dancing naked and then pulling ff his flesh and muscles until he was a dancing skeleton. It was more disturbing than anything else.

Michael Jackson’s “Who Is It” was banned for reasons I really can’t even figure out. And ‘Billie Jean’ was initially banned MTV but that didn’t last long.

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