Angelina Jolie Talks About Her Infamous Leg

Angelina Jolie was apparently totally unaware that her leg made such an impact at the Academy first. Now she's talking about it.

Angelina Jolie was apparently totally unaware that her leg made such an impact at the Academy Awards…at first. Now she’s talking about it.

Jolie struck a strange pose both on the red carpet and onstage at the Oscars to show off a high slit in her black velvet dress, prompting an internet phenomenon. Suddenly , Angelina’s leg was everywhere, Oscar winner Jim Rash’s star rose after mimicking her on stage, and there was a twitter account in the name of Jolie’s appendage.

All that, and apparently Jolie had little knowledge of it. (According to her, at least.)

She tells Entertainment Weekly that the pose just felt natural for that dress: “What’s funny is when you have no actual, conscious thought of anything … You just feel like, ‘Eh, I like this dress. I feel comfortable in this one.”

As far as the pose taking the internet by storm?

“I don’t pay any attention to that stuff … I do what I feel like doing, but don’t actually consider the effect. I just try to, you know, be as I feel like being on a night like that.”

On the moment when Best Adapted Screenplay winner Jim Rash mocked her pose on stage.

“Of course!” she said, when asked if she thought it was funny.


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