Archie Comics Turns Heads With Gender Bending Issue

Archie Comics is again proving itself as a progressive, and often controversial headline grabber!

Things are getting a little strange in Riverdale!

Archie Comics is again proving itself as a progressive, often controversial headline grabber!

After issues featuring stories that include a gay wedding and guest appearances by KISS, it’s now doing a gender bending storyline, thanks to the town’s resident witch Sabrina,, whose cat turns Archie into Archina, and Betty and Veronica into Billy and Ronnie.

The story, entitled “The Great Switcheroo,” is not quite the controversy you’d get if it were centered on an actual transgendered storyline, but it’s still likely to cause a commotion in some circles. In any the case, the issue, Archie #636, will likely be a funny, lighthearted examination of the battle between the sexes.

The issue features two covers… one that shows the role-reversed world.

The issue is written by Tania del Rio with art by Gisele and Rich Koslowski. The cover are is by Gisele. The issue is set to arrive in comic book stores on August 22.

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