HOW MUCH Did Robert Downey Jr. Make on AVENGERS Alone?!?

Given these numbers, he really should have a smile on his face.


Given these numbers, he really should have a smile on his face.

Want more reasons why Robert Downey Jr is the man?  How about being smart enough to negotiate a eight figure payday for THE AVENGERS? 

WorstPreviews is reporting that after IRON MAN became a big hit for Marvel, Downeys agents had the smarts to renegotiate his fee for future film appearances as Tony Stark.  And with all the money being pulled in around the world for THE AVENGERS, that negotiation may end up meaning more than $50 million for just the one movie!  (In comparison, with bonuses, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo will ultimately make $2 million to $3 million each)

This is definitely not the first time an actor/director has received a huge payday for one movie or character.  Johnny Depp collected at least $250 million from the four PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, while Michael Bay earned $80 million for the first TRANSFORMERS movie alone.

And remember Downey still has many more sequels coming up in the future

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