Andy Samberg On Leaving SNL: “It Is Terrifying”

In a new interview, Andy Samberg opens up about leaving the show that made him a star.

In a new interview, The Chicago Sun Times got a very clear sense of funnyman Andy Samberg’s true thoughts about leaving Saturday Night Live. He’s become a favorite on the show, both for his notable appearances in sketches, and for his offbeat video shorts that consistently go viral online after their air.

So what’s so scary about leaving SNL? Here’s what he says:

“It is terrifying to leave some­thing you’ve known so well for so long, a place where you were always in your comfort zone — where the mere structure of the show gave you a sense of confidence.

“Don’t get me wrong. It was the right time to leave, and I’m completely comfortable that I made the right decision. However, I still have this little sense of terror lurking inside my gut. It’s that typical thing actors all have. Even the most successful actors often wonder, ‘Will I have work again?’ … Maybe a better way of putting that would be, ‘Will I ever work again — doing something I really love and want to do!’ ”

As talented, clever and funny as he is – it’s hard to blame him for being concerned… the success rate of stars leaving the popular late night show can be spotty and unpredictable. I myself was surprised that Cheri Oteri have a more successful foray into films and tv. Ellen Cleghorne was a riot on the show and didn’t mange to break out. Jan Hooks had a limited run on tv after the show, but still didn’t match her SNL momentum. I’ve I’m optimistic the Samberg will have a promising career though. We wish him the best!

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