VIDEO: Justin Timberlake’s Top Four Scenes On The SNL Season Finale.

SNL’s season finale was one of their best episodes of the season. Unlike many celebrity guests, Justin Timberlake was a scene stealer, showing considerably mighty comedy chops. Musical guest Lady Gaga brought her own comedy to several sketches as well. Here are four of the best clips from the night:
Justin’s opening monologue established quickly that he had no plans to sing on the show. Ironically, he did so with a really great song.
Timberlake and SNL cast member Andy Samberg reprised the roles they made famous in their music video “D*ck In A Box” with a new musical sketch, this one about the only occasion in which they feel two men can get naked in bed together… when it’s in a threesome. Lady Gaga impresses, especially when they dress her as Chrissy from “Three’s Company!” :

Then there’s Timberlake’s great run as a Liquorville mascot … the way he moves in that bottle costume is riotous, and proves that he’s not just musical, but also damn funny!

You should also check out this sketch with both Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga… an other episode of “What’s That Name.” Very funny!


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