Everyone take a sip of your Liter of cola! Team Ramrod could be returning to the silver screen.

Yes, you read that correctly.  For anyone who is a fan of Broken Lizard, your wildest dreams are about to come true!

The comedy troupe members Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan spoke to Coming Soon, and said that as long as they can work out some legal issues, there will be a SUPER TROOPERS sequel!  They said:

“We’ve written a script, we’ve handed it into them, they loved the script”.

The comedians also revealed that they are still working on POTFEST, which was set up at the end of BEERFEST back in 2006, yet it will be difficult to get both out in the near future due to busy schedules.

Being a recent college graduate I can attest to the fact that whenever this movie is on TV, nearly every college student turns to that channel. Broken Lizard knows they have a definite growing audience and it would be the perfect time to get these movies out while that audience is still in school.

Chandrasekhar’s newest film, THE BABYMAKERS, hits theaters Friday.  The group is also trying to create a show for NBC, which they say is an “exhausting” process.  And if you do not remember the original Super Troopers movie, do yourself a favor and check out the trailer below.

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