VIDEO: “Trongs” Could Be The Next Life-Changing Invention. Why Didn’t We Think Of This?!?

Even if this doesn't take off, it should. It's kind of genius. Don't believe me? Watch! Very clever! Wait, I'm overselling it. But it's still cool!

Even if this doesn’t take off, it should. It’s kind of genius. Don’t believe me? Watch! Very clever! Wait, I’m overselling it. But it’s still cool!

It seems like iPhones and blackberrys could have made eating sloppy foods like chicken wings a thing of the past. Enter trongs – the clever utensil that cover your fingers while eating. (I seriously had been calling out for something like this while eating cheese puffs a few months ago. I swear I made it my facebook status.)

But enough from me – watch! For more viral videos, follow @brianbalthazar on twitter!

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