Weekend Preview – A Legend Ends, But Will It Have a Legendary Weekend?

Steven Panzarella breaks down the upcoming weekend and the finale in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Christopher Nolan has become a legendary filmmaker. His Batman trilogy has been everything fans have hoped for and so much more. We’re finally over our AVENGERS hangover and now it’s DC’s turn to take home box office gold.

If you ask me, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES first weekend will no doubt top AVENGERS.  Fans understand that this is it, and not to expect a reboot of any kind until we know more about JUSTICE LEAGUE (even then, don’t expect a new Batman until that film is released…)

THE DARK KNIGHT included an Oscar winning performance by a man who gave his life to the role. It was the main reason for fans to go back for seconds and thirds in its first few weeks. While we will never forget the amazing performance from Heath Ledger, what Christopher Nolan has done is pretty amazing. The perfect ending to what was strongly considered the perfect superhero series. The scale of The Dark Knight Rises is large enough to get fans to rush for tickets and sell theaters out way before opening day. It will have plenty of time after Friday to sell theaters out.

It is not a mystery why there are no other nationwide releases this weekend…hell, it is no mystery why there won’t be any big nationwide releases until August. Hope everyone enjoys The Dark Knight Rises in theaters, let me know what you think by commenting below or on Twitter @StevePanzarella.

On another note: I wrote the preview below prior to the events in Aurora and feel very strongly about what happened on Friday morning. The movie theater is a sanctuary for so many people including myself.  It is a place to release yourself from the worries of everyday living if just for 2 to 3 hours. Whether this movie performs well at the box office or not seems of little to no consequence today. I am sorry to the victims and the families whose lives came to a standstill on that day and my prayers go out to them.)

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