Steven Panzarella’s Five Most Exciting Movie Trailers For 2013

Movie buff Steven Panzarella counts down his most exciting movie trailers of 2013.

The new year is practically upon us, and with that being fact here are my most exciting trailers for 2013.

Just missing the cut- THE LONE RANGER

#5-IRON MAN 3- This trailer either got rave reviews (although one of my family members gave it a “meh.”) For me, the devil is in the details. Here you have Robert Downey Jr coming off one of his better turns as Tony Stark in THE AVENGERS. You also have the fact that IRON MAN 2 was not anywhere close to being as good as the original. A new cast that includes Ben Kingsley as the Villianous “Mandarin”, Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, and James Badge Dale. IRON MAN 3 continues in a spot close to where THE AVENGERS left off and looks to include putting Tony Stark and his loved ones in more danger. It also reunites Robert Downey Jr with his KISS KISS BANG BANG director Shane Black, whom has not done much work since KISS KISS, but being the writer behind the LETHAL WEAPON series, Black could bring a new look to the series.

#4-THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES- What if I told you Ryan Gosling was set to play almost the exact character he played in DRIVE, in a cast that includes red hot Bradley Cooper? That is what we are  looking forward to THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. Also  reuniting Gosling with his BLUE VALENTINE director Derek Cianfrance, PLACE is a story of a stuntman turned Bank robber, whose crimes put him on a collision course with a good cop, turned politican (Cooper). The cast includes Eva Mendes, Dane Dehaan (CHRONICLE, LAWLESS) and Bruce Greenwood (STAR TREK). It’s got plenty of people talking.

#3 PACIFIC RIM- Visionary monster creator Guillermo Del Toro (PANS LABYRINTH, HELLBOY) was supposed to direct THE HOBBIT, after the film went through many issues and 2 years worth of delays Del Toro handed director duties back to Peter Jackson and stayed on as a Producer/Writer. After leaving Middle Earth, Del Toro went on a quest to make pet project PACIFIC RIM, a story of huge alien monsters that invade earth from a crevice deep in the pacific ocean. In a battle to survive the destruction, we build massive robots called “Jaegers” that are driven by two pilots that are connected via the brain. (Keep up with me here) One pilot takes the left side of the robot while the either the right side and it’s a fight to the death. PACIFIC RIM has already released viral videos including fake news footage of a fake destruction of San Francisco but its first trailer has taken the world by storm and has fan’s thrilled about what they could see this summer.

#2 STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS-Super secretive director JJ Abrams normally does not show us much in teaser trailers and under normal circumstances probably would not have showed us the first few scenes of INTO DARKNESS on IMAX screens prior to THE HOBBIT. Yet, for one reason or another Abrams and company are teasing us for next year’s anticipated sequel to STAR TREK, entitled INTO DARKNESS. Bringing back the whole original cast and including a mystery villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch (WAR HORSE, Sherlock) INTO DARKNESS has us pumped up for what could be the best film in the series. What we know is that Kirk and company, are pitted against an unstoppable force and are drawn to a war torn planet for a face off that could mean the destruction of The Federation.

#1 MAN OF STEEL- Take Zach Snyder (300) , Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer (THE DARK KNIGHT SERIES) with an all star cast that includes Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, and Kevin Costner. A trailer that had grown men in tears at Comic Con and gives me chills every time I watch it. What’s not to like? Superman needed a face lift after the not so good SUPERMAN RETURNS. From the trailer it looks like SUPERMAN is getting the Chris Nolan DARK KNIGHT treatment. A much darker look, a massive cast, and Christopher Nolan as the executive producer/Writer, this is by far the most exciting movie of 2013.

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