SPIDER-Man producer Avi Arad will attempt to bring METAL GEAR SOLID to the silver screen.

There has been a total influx of video games being made into movies, recently.  And now, another one joining the list is “Metal Gear Solid”

Former Marvel Studios head honcho Avi Arad has been announced as the producer of the new movie based off of Sony’s hit game series.  Arad is the man behind a number of other Sony and Marvel films, including IRON MAN, SPIDER MAN 1 and 2, MASS EFFECT, and UNCHARTED: DRAKES FORTUNE.

Sony has been hinting at making METAL GEAR a major motion picture for years, including at one point having the game’s famous Japanese Director Hideo Kojima attached to direct.  Now we wait and see what Arad and Sony can put together in the coming months.

“Metal Gear Solid” tells the story of a secret government agent, code named Solid Snake, who uses stealth tactics to  infiltrate terrorist headquarters and eliminate targets and threats around the world.  The games are known for long theatrical cut scenes, and may translate very well when the time comes to move them up to the big screen.

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