Ben Affleck Left Friend’s Phone Number After Swiping Car’s Side Mirror!

It turns out Ben Affleck is not only a nice guy, but a smart one as well!

It turns out Ben Affleck is not only a nice guy, but a smart one as well! 

As we reported last week, Affleck was caught accidentally knocking off a parked car’s side-view mirror in Santa Monica, California.  He stopped and waited for the car’s owner to arrive, but when the paparazzi started to swarm, Affleck drove away, leaving a note on the windshield with his phone number. 

It turns out that Affleck knew that the paparazzi and entire world would be going after that number, and decided to leave a friend’s number instead!  Affleck told Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Live”,

“I left a friend’s phone number; she is no longer a friend. She was like, ‘Really, you thought it would be fun for me to have, like, 75 calls all day long.”

So while it may have not worked out well for that friend of his, you have to admit…Affleck knows the right way to deal with his fame…and a broken mirror!

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