John Cusack Signs on For Stephen King Zombie Book Adaptation CELL

John Cusack has signed on to the adaptation of Stephen King's best seller CELL.

Stephen King writes about what scares him – and in 2006 he released a book about how cell phones (something King claims not to own) turn everyone who uses them into flesh eating zombies. A few years later it looked to be adapted into a movie – in fact at one point Eli Roth (HOSTEL) was attached to direct.

 Years later it seems we are going to get a film version of the King bestseller. King is working on the script with Adam Alleca (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), according to ScreenDaily, they have cast the film’s lead, and it’s going to be John Cusack (THE RAVEN, 1408). They still have yet to pick a director but the announcement of an actual script and lead actor means the film is on it’s way to a green light. CELL follows artist Clayton Riddell who struggles to find his wife and son after a mysterious signal transmitted through cell phones turns all cell phone users into zombies that answer to the books main antagonist, an african american man seen in a torn up red harvard sweatshirt.

This is one of my favorite King books. It is a fresh take on the Zombie Apocalypse and relevant with the use of technology and how important cellular devices have become to the public. A very original work and a role I can see suiting Cusack very well!

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