Still Broken Up? Selena Gomez Storms Out On Justin Bieber During Dinner Date

Young love is rough…just ask the very confused Justin Bieber…

Young love is rough…just ask the very confused Justin Bieber…

E! Online is reporting that the supposedly split couple spent Thursday night together, and while everything started off well at the Laugh Factory comedy club, it was at dinner later in the evening when the trouble started.

Sources say that after only ten minutes at the Japanese restaurant Yamato in San Fernando Valley, Selena stormed out with the Biebs following her: 

“Something must have happened inside the restaurant, because 10 minutes after he arrived, they both stormed out looking stone-faced…They were very serious and did not look happy at all. She got in her car, and Justin got into his…Selena drove off and Justin just sat there for a few minutes. I think he was waiting for her to calm down. He then drove to her house. When he got there, he started buzzing her gate. But she was obviously not letting him in. He continued trying. Then, after a while he got out of his car, he was obviously frustrated and went up to the gate and started yelling ‘Selena’ over it. But…she was not coming out.”

With Hollywood being Hollywood, the paparazzi were out and ready with their cameras to capture the moment, and obviously, with such a night, Justin wasn’t very thrilled with the surrounding flashbulbs: 

 “It was at this point [Justin] started to yell at the paps…He was obviously annoyed that they were there and witnessing everything. He was mad. Selena then came out, because there was such a commotion, he got in his car and left.”

But that wasn’t the end of the night…E! Online reports that Justin’s car was back in Selena’s driveway the following morning…

We’ll leave it up to  you to guess who is actually crying a river over all this…

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