WATCH-Lindsay-Lohans-The-Canyons-Scene-ClipLindsay Lohan was apparently unaware that her former lawyer actually works for money. Lohan reportedly was totally surprised to learn that she owed Shawn Holley six digits worth of cash for representing her.

TMZ reportes that Lohan owers Holley 150,00o for helping her make excuse after excuse in court during her past year of legal troubles.

Lohan recently fired Holley in favor of a new lawyer, and there are reports that now she doesn’t like her NEW attorney. That said, Lohan, who has been cashing in by making appearances, endorsements and some acting work has been spending her now modest income like it’s water. Where’s it all going? On flying first class, restaurants, clothes, hotels, and God knows what else. She’s apparently cutting back on her spending to accomodate for the legal bill.

Lohan has a few more bills to pay. She is reportedly 130,000 behind in tax payments as well.