Thanks To The New York Times For Featuring My Travel Adventures In Your “Frequent Flier” Column!

I've been lucky enough to be interviewed for some amazing newspapers... but being in The New York Times is the ultimate thrill!

Brian Balthazar NY Times Mexico ArticleI’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed for some amazing newspapers and magazines… but seeing my name and face in The New York Times is honestly one of my biggest thrills ever.

If you haven’t seen the column before, The “Frequent Flier” column features profiles people who travel often for business. I have done a lot of traveling throughout my career as a producer and Senior Producer at NBC, MSNBC, and then as a Director of Programming at HGTV, as well as esitor of

I was thrilled for Joan Raymond to share my stories! Here’s just one taste of part of the column… I hope you’ll click on the link to check out the rest of the stories!

“I was getting ready to sit down on one flight, and a woman asked me if I could help her with her carry-on. I said no problem. Then she handed me some crumpled bags and a napkin.

I took them, just because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I looked at myself, and realized that my navy blue vest, white shirt and gray pants looked like a uniform. She thought I was a male flight attendant.”

Truthfully, this has happened multiple times to me. I always try to be efficient with my packing, so I always end up wearing something professional on the plane. It’s one thing to help someone with their bag, but it took having someone hand me their garbage to realize that perhaps I should adjust my wardrobe a bit!

Again, thanks so much to everyone at the New York Times!

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