Len “Goes to 11” in Week 8 of DWTS

kelliederekWith two full routines to learn, the stars were bound to have an especially intense week even before airtime. But who could have predicted the mayhem that ensued, following a stunning paso doble from Kellie, Derek, and Tristan? Not me! AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Things got wild and woolly after the penultimate dance. Derek is known for his amazing skills as a choreographer, and last night he put together a show-stopping routine for his partner Kellie, and featured pro, Tristan. It was a paso doble with an epic “good vs. evil” theme. (sidebar: Tristan in black contacts and guyliner? Rowrrrrr. If you’re not familiar, that’s the sound a cougar makes.) After their performance, Carrie Ann left her seat to embrace Kellie, exclaiming, “That was incredible! You took my breath away!” Jokingly, Derek hugged Bruno, and Tom and Tristan followed suit.

Then, in a weird turn, Len blasted Derek for letting him down and not producing a “recognizable” paso. Soon all three judges were on their feet, arguing with each other. The capper came when Len turned to Bruno and shouted, “You! You can’t talk unless you stand up! Your (microphone) cords are stuck up your ass!” At least I think that’s what he said. Here’s a look at a fabulous dance… and Judges Gone Wild:

Dance of the night: Despite the unfortunate drama later in the show, nothing could outshine Zendaya’s dazzling salsa with partners Val and Gleb. Bruno took an unnecessary shot at the pros, saying, “you didn’t need the underwear models.” If you ask me, they did their job perfectly by making Zendaya the real star of the number. The trio garnered the first perfect score of 30 for the season with this sharp and sassy routine:

Who’s going home: It’s gotta be Sean. Remember that scene in the original Footloose, when Kevin Bacon is teaching the Chris Penn how to dance? Dorky but charming, right? Well, that pretty much sums up Sean’s jazz trio routine with Peta and Sharna. The big difference is, Chris Penn actually got his steps down pat. Sean never quite got it together, stumbling through to mercy 7s from all three judges. Everybody cut, everybody cut… (whoah oh oh) everybody cut Sean loose.

High score: (combined) Zendaya and Val, 58
Low score: (combined) Sean and Peta, 42

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