Stars Simmer in Week 7 for “Latin Night” on DWTS

kelliederekIt must be tough to pad out a 2-hour show with seven stars remaining. Why else would producers throw in a strange “immunity” clause as well as a 40-second dance-off for six of the couples? Couldn’t we have had a few more numbers from the troupe? Something with just the men? Shirtless? I mean, it was “Latin Night,” after all. We even got to hear from “international sensation… JUANES!” (I’m sorry, who?)

There were solid performances from all the teams, and Kellie and Aly both brought in 29s for their individual dances. Kellie has been hard to beat since day one, but I have to give Aly credit. She went after last night’s salsa with all the shimmying and shaking you could ask for. Her moves are perhaps not quite as perfect or pretty as Kellie’s, but she is bringing her very energetic A-game. I think Aly’s a shoo-in for the final four.

Dance of the Night: Jacoby and Karina’s salsa. While it wasn’t the highest-scoring dance of the night, it was definitely the one that kept me on the edge of my seat. Len said it was fabulous, but he would have liked fewer lifts and tricks. Do you agree? Watch here:

Who’s in trouble: I fear we may have seen Andy’s last dance. Granted, his rumba was far from sexy, but his earnest determination is what makes him so appealing. All of the judges seem to love Andy, but that didn’t help his scores. A dismal 17 will be tough to make up in viewer votes.

Blue Man Group: Hey, Bruno. Duran Duran called. Roger Taylor wants his “Rio” suit back.

Head-scratcher: Carrie Ann really took her compliments to a new level last night, when praising Jacoby for his super-spicy salsa routine: “You could fart the salsa.” I guess that’s the new “you could sing the phone book.”

Reason #679 Why Derek Hough is Adorable: He actually put a t-shirt ON for the judges’ scores segment. Addressing some special guests in the audience, he said, “I’m sorry Grandma and Grandpa! I didn’t want to go shirtless!”

High score: (tie) Kellie & Derek/ Aly & Mark: 29
Low score: Andy & Sharna: 17

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