Would You Do this? Heineken Asked Flyers at JFK Intertnational Airport To Take A Huge Risk

Heineken tested flyers about to board airplanes in New York's JFK international airport to see if anyone would change their plans for one chosen at random.

Heineken_DepartureRoulette13So you are going to the airport, going to visit friends, or on a vacation and while you are walking through the terminal at JFK international airport in New York, you are pulled aside and asked to risk your already planned vacation, for one that Heineken has planned for you. You are asked to push a button and whatever destination comes up on that board, you are supposed to get right on a plane and head there. This actually happened recently at JFK, and some flyers actually agreed to do it. Check out the video below, and ask yourself, would you throw away your pre-planned vacation for one selected at random just moments before the flight boarded?

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